A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

To enter Heaven, you must do one thousand good deeds in Life. To become an Angel, you must do ten thousand good deeds in Death.

It has been twenty-seven long years since you crossed Heaven's gates.

You have performed nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety-six good deeds since this moment. Your name is Sam Tailor, and you are a proud Blessing of P10.22.

And remember: If you come into contact with the Devil's corruption, or know a Blessing who has... 

Report this immediately to your nearest Angel.


Potential Epilepsy Warning: Game contains several brief pulses/flashes of a bright colour  


ServeinHeaven-1.0-pc.zip 43 MB
ServeinHeaven-1.0-mac.zip 25 MB


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no wonder i side with the Devil mostly :D nice lil game and i hope you enjoy the vid and dont mind my rantings :D


Thanks so much for playing my game - I really appreciate it! Just watched the video and really enjoyed your playthrough! :D Thanks again!

no problem it was fun :)